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oo ... like that ah >D

ya, like that la X333

am i still on your f-list? *sparkly eyes*


Have I been added, mui mui? XD

if u noticed, all my previous post are all friends only...hahahaa

XD;;;; lol. Requesting then...or else I'll get killed. LOL!

nth happened, just to notify people about me flisting all posts. ^^

*waves* dai here =D *add to friends*

what happen to your bathroom tiles ? Im bored , want something to read , swt

i deleted it for my own privacy.

ohh ... ok ... so can add me to friend . you do know I have habit of reading your blog whenever IM bored . dont ask why .

is i your friend? *looks with big puppy eyes*

but i cant read urs...too outdated? LOL

or u recently put it to private? ^^;;

no la, not private. lol i rarely make private posts. if it's private, i won't post it online. :D just that i still haven't understood the mechanics of LJ yet, and it usually takes a while for me to learn something new, so for now, the account is just for me to read the LJs of my friends... like you! ^^

hueh? O_o;; guki tak in list udah?

eh? nani? OMG. i think i accidentally un-list u....when i was un-listing some other people...gomen!!

adding u back ;__;

imma so sorry~~

XO;; its mmkaaay naaa..*hampir mau ngap you* still love you na <3

oits.. gwe mau baca jugak

mana leh....hahahaha

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